The following list highlights a generation’s strong points and was created by Cindy Cooke, executive Director of Boomerz in Scottsdale, AZ.

1. Boomers eyesight may be changing, but they still know how to read a clock, so they show up to work. ON TIME.

2. Boomers are unlikely to take the week off because someone broke their heart.3. Boomers don’t think of ear buds as required jewelry.

4. Boomers know how to spell “customer service”. Better yet, they know how to deliver it.

5. Since they aren’t looking to climb the corporate ladder Boomers make great mentors.

6. Boomers don’t expect to be complimented for breathing. They expect praise for a good job and correction for a bad one.
7. You’ll get points in heaven if you protect an endangered species. Boomers are the last generation of workaholics.

8. They REALLY need the job. Boomers can’t move in with Mom and Dad. (Mom and Dad are more likely to move in with them!)

9. Boomers have an attention span greater then the life of a flea.

10. Boomers don’t have their cell phones glued to their texting fingers.

11. Boomers may not be as physically agile as they were at 20, but they are still really flexible. They work different shifts, work from home, change their plans and work on contract or projects without complaining. They remember the old adage: Work before pleasure.

12. Boomers are not going to leave just because they are overqualified. They are looking for balance in their lives and are willing to sacrifice to get it.

(Source: The Arizona Republic)

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