Building Practices – Enhancing Careers
Are you seeking a new opportunity? Is finding a long-term Associate, Potential Partner or Potential Buyer for your practice at the top of your to–do list? Perhaps your practice needs a Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant, Practice Manager, or Front Desk Associate? Then you’ve come to the right place.
ETS Dental specializes in locating and placing Dentists and Dental Staff with independent practices across the country. Our commitment is to match the best dental professionals with the right practices. That means we network with hundreds of potential prospects daily. As part of the MRINetwork™–the largest and most successful recruiting business in the world–we have the combined power of over 1,100 offices in more than 35 countries. This relationship allows us to provide the proven tools and techniques that it takes to understand our clients’ needs, partner with them and consistently deliver positive results. At ETS Dental, we are not in the business of just filling dental jobs. Our focus is on fulfilling a long-term opportunity for the candidate and dental practice.
If you’re ready for a change, call us today at (540) 563-1688.
Our business is Recruiting, our focus is Dentistry.
ETS Dental does one thing-and we do it well. Every day we locate and place Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Office Staff, Dental Staff and Dental Specialists (Endodontists, Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons, Pediatric Dentists, Periodontists) across the country.
Affiliated with the MRINetwork™, we provide our clients the proven tools and techniques only available through the world’s largest and most successful recruiting firm. With over 1,000 offices and 6,000 recruiters in 70 countries, our network of staffing professionals place more than 42,000 top professionals each year.

Our vision is to understand client needs, partner with them, and deliver high impact Dental talent with proven track records. Our growth and success are a direct result of our vision. Every week we are in contact with hundreds of Dental Practices and Dental Practitioner Candidates representing the full gamut of dental jobs.
Our mission is simple:
  • Building Practices: By seeking out the right Dental Professional to fit each of our Dental Practice client’s unique needs.
  • Enhancing Careers: By confidentially connecting top Dental Practitioners and Dental Staff candidates with opportunities they might have never known about.
Protecting your privacy is our priority. We won’t post your resume on a public job board; it can be hazardous. You never know who will see it. And our website is not a public job board. It’s a secure database accessible only to ETS Dental’s career consultants. We understand the importance of maintaining your privacy when you’re making a career move. Our client practices will never see your information until we have conducted a thorough screening interview with you. During that interview, you provide us with the types of opportunities that would be of interest to you and your geographic preferences. You should also give us the names and locations of practices where you do not want your information presented. 
We safeguard your confidentiality throughout the placement process. The only way we can attract the best talent is to ensure our candidates’ confidentiality. 

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