Are you where you want to be?

When you decide to take your next career step, write out your personal and professional goals to see if they align with your current situation. The following questions can help you clarify your objectives:

  • Why are you a Dentist?
  • Are your talents and personality traits being fully utilized in your current practice?
  • Do your clinical and personal philosophies fit with those of your current practice?
  • Are you living and working in a community where you want to spend the rest of your career?
  • Are you doing the type of dentistry you would like to do?
  • Are continuing education, current technology, and training high priorities where you work?
  • Will you ever become an owner or partner in your current practice? Will this happen when you are ready? Or, will you have to wait until someone else retires or decides to cut back?

After you have answered these questions, take the following next steps:

  • Support – Be sure that your family endorses your choices. You’ll be able to move faster when an offer is tendered.
  • Skills – Make sure your clinical skills are up-to-date. Dentistry is constantly evolving. Do you have unique set of clinical skills that increases your marketability?
  • Career Management – Take control of your life by taking positive steps to achieve your objectives.

Carl Guthrie is a Account Executive for ETS Dental. ETS Dental is an excutive recruiting firm specializing in finding and placing dentists, dental specialists, and dental staff across the United States.

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