As a Dental Staff Recruiter, I have the privilege of speaking to hygienists, assistants, and office staff around the company and at various points in their career. It is my job to make a positive match, finding the perfect fit for both the candidate and the hiring practice. However, after five years in the recruiting field, I have learned that the best possible candidate is not always the most educated, experienced, or decorated within the field. Sometimes, it just comes down personality and who makes the best impression. I know that sounds trivial, but we are in the people business-ETS, as recruiters, and you, as a dental professional-that being said, the old adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” really holds true.

Remember your phone screenings are part of the interview process; this holds true with your conversations with the recruiter and with the practice. Give the phone call your undivided attention! Move away from the screaming children. Find a spot in the house with decent reception. Sell yourself-elaborate on your resume! Tell us why YOU are the candidate we have been looking for! However, there is a fine line between confident and cocky, so don’t overdo it!
Also, early on in your search, take a look at how the outside world views you. Google your name and see what “pops up”. Those blog entries from high school may still be out there! Take a minute to review your social networking sites-do you want your prospective employer to see what is posted? You will also want to consider your phone’s ring back tone-my personal pet peeve. Do you want their first impression of you to be a Nickelback or Buckcherry song? I think not. Also, listen to your voicemail! When you are searching for a position, it is not the best time to place a commentary on last night’s game on your message nor is it professional to have a “You know what to do” message-be professional.

Now is an exciting time to be a job seeker and the market only continues to get stronger. It is time to put the years of education and preparation to work. By putting your best foot forward, hopefully you will land that position you are looking for!

Posted by Tiffany Worstell, Dental Staff Recruiter at ETS Dental. You can reach Tiffany at (540) 491-9112 or

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