How is your 2013 starting off? Here at ETS Dental we are talking to a lot of practice owners and groups who are excited about the new year. With that excitement there is still a lot of cautious optimism, along with some worry and concern regarding external environmental factors such as the full effects of the Affordable Care Act, new taxes, and the continuing economic recovery.

Dental Economics/Levin Group 2012 Annual Practice Survey shows us that we are still climbing out of this recession, but there were some improvements. For their detailed report visit

There was a very important statement made in the survey report:

It is notable that 67% of dentists report that inefficient practice systems are their biggest challenge right now. That number has doubled from just a year ago. More dentists realize that, in order to succeed in the new dental economy, practices must be operated as excellent businesses. This means implementing innovative systems that will increase production and profitability by addressing current economic challenges.

Practices must now address their operations and spending in a way they never have before. It is not as simple as just increasing production by marketing more or signing up with more and more insurance plans. Practices must take a look at the whole business and make smart business decisions. 

Gone are the days of just simply hanging your shingle and having a successful dental career.

Written by Carl Guthrie, Western Regional Search Consultant of ETS Dental. Contact Carl at | 540-491-9104 | www.linkedin/in/cguthrie 

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