I think of myself as very fortunate, and for many reasons. I have been married to a wonderful man for 24 years, and I am the mother of three fabulous children. I had the opportunity to be a stay at home mom for 18 years, and loved just about every minute of it. Mind you, I had my moments. When it became time for me to re-enter the professional world, I was lucky enough to land a job as a Dental Recruiter with ETS Dental, a professional Dental Recruiting firm. My previous career (before children) was in the banking industry, so I really was starting all over. I am happy to say that, as luck will have it, I have found a career that I truly enjoy, and I am appreciative of that fact because I know many people do not like their jobs or career picks, and that makes for an unhappy life.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do
You’ve probably heard before that life is too short to have a job or career that you don’t absolutely love doing and for which you feel great passion. When you do something that excites you all day long, you have a far better chance of excelling, you’ll have a lot more fun, and you’ll get paid in the process.

It’s amazing, though, that so many people DON’T do what they love doing for a living. Keeping a roof over the head, paying the bills, getting side-tracked with various obligations, and other distractions can too often get in the way of pursuing our life passions, our dreams, our secret wishes and desires.

Can’t do anything about it? You’re stuck? Well, perhaps there are reasons at the moment or circumstances that are tough to alter for awhile; however, don’t let go of those dreams and desires. Stay open to possibilities, and brainstorm about how you can make them actually happen. Even if it takes time, it really works. If you never even try, you won’t give yourself the chance.

Excerpt from Brainstorms & Raves http://brainstormsandraves.com/archives/2001/05/31/do_what_you_love_love_what_you_do/

Posted by Marsha Hatfield-Elwell, Dental Recruiter at ETS Dental. You can reach Marsha at (540) 491-9116 or melwell@etsdental.com.

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