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For the current student and new graduate:
1. Learn more about the business of dentistry.
2. Take CE classes outside of the dental school to gain a real world perspective.
3. Begin the search for a position earlier and look at more out-of-state opportunities.
4. Know what you want to gain out of your first position (ie. partnership, hours, mentorship, compensation etc.) and look beyond the financial incentives.
5. Talk to as many dentists as you can before getting out of school.

For the practicing dentist or practice owner:
1. Join the local Chamber of Commerce
2. On partnerships, focus on your relationship with your potential partner. Do you genuinely enjoy their company and feel they have your best interest at heart?
3. Hire staff for attitude and integrity.
4. Talk to dentists you know about everything from equipment and staffing to financial planning.
5. Keeping average employees too long instead of recruiting the best.

Written by Rob Knezovich, Recruiter at ETS Dental. You can reach Rob at (540) 491-9107 or Find out more at

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