We all have probably all been the topic of gossip at some point in our life, most likely in middle school. But what happens when the dramatics of middle school enter the office?

Honestly, I was shocked when I started my research for this post. Unfortunately, this is a growing problem in all sectors of business. In fact, a survey for Randstad USA found that 60% of employees list gossip as the Number One problem in the workplace. It also found that only 8% of the issues get reported. Gossip and harassment take a toll on not only the individual, but on the office as a whole. This type of an atmosphere does not foster a team environment, causing productivity to suffer. If a situation is allowed to escalate, it can create a hostile work environment, leaving not only the tormentor, but the employer as well, open to legal repercussions.
So how can you, as a manager, foster a positive work environment?

  1. Address the issue and let the staff know that kind of behavior will not be tolerated.
  2. Encourage communication between both parties with a manager present, while remaining impartial.
  3. Have a policy in place to deal with workplace harassment.

Contributed by Tiffany Worstell, Dental Staff Recruiter- Nationwide. To Contact Tiffany, call 540-491-9112, or email at tworstell@etsdental.com

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