When people talk about a work-life balance, they mean that we should find a balance between work and our personal lives, which is definitely true. The key is to remember that what we’re looking for is a balance between the things we love — not just work and the rest of life, but work and family and hobbies and chores and everything else.

• Schedule time blocks. Schedule chunks of time throughout your week for all the things that are important.
• Set limits. If you have a limit of 8 hours to work, stick with it. This will help keep the essential tasks within these limits.
• Make dates with family and friends. Instead of just talking about getting together, make it happen by scheduling time with them on a regular basis.
• Make dates with yourself. Schedule time to do what you love doing by yourself.
• Have a partner. Sometimes it helps to make an appointment with a partner, whether that is a training partner or someone to help with a project or hobby.
• Examine your life regularly. Find time for reflection and decide if you need to make changes.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

Excerpts from http://Zenhabits.net/2008/11/how-to-find-that-elusive-balance-between-work-and-life

Written by Marsha Hatfied-Elwell, Central East-Coast Recruiter, ETS Dental. You can reach Marsha at (540) 491-9106 or melwell@etsdental.com.

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