Among the various characteristics a leader needs to possess, integrity may possibly sit at the top. Defined, integrity means making the correct choice when faced between right and wrong. It further encompasses adherence to ethics and morals, and is often linked with honesty.

Integrity begins before a person is faced with a decision of right or wrong. Should I tell the truth or should I lie? Should I steal that necklace or should I pay for it? Should I follow through with what I said I would do or blow off this responsibility? Should I study or cheat? It’s much easier to make the right decisions, if individuals have prepared themselves for such situations. Individuals, who possess integrity, commit to choosing right before they find themselves in a situation, which requires action. Without integrity, individuals are untrustworthy. How does an employer promote honesty in the workplace?

Example is the best way to lead. If employers will demonstrate honesty and integrity in all situations, employees will catch on and follow suit. Rather than constantly be riding individuals about their character or criticizing individuals for poor choices, show true character through silent and humble actions.

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