Online Interview Practice

Have an interview coming up soon, but not sure if you’re ready? We can help!

ETS Dental has set up an interactive online interview demo where you can record yourself via webcam while you answer the top 5 most common questions associate dentists hear during an interview.

Ready to get started? Click the button below!

How to use this tool effectively:

  • Complete the initial setup of your webcam and microphone. This is a great way to make sure all your equipment is working properly in case you have an online interview in the future
  • Take your time and answer each question to the best of your ability. Again, this is just practice, but will help you condense responses down to one minute each in order to encourage the development of concise, clear answers.
  • Take time and review your responses to each question immediately after you record your response. Once you move on to the next question, you won’t have the option to go back and view your response again. As such, be sure to take time to watch yourself and check to make sure you’re maintaining eye contact (in this case, with the camera), are speaking slowly and clearly, and that what you’re saying is directly related to the question being asked.
  • Try answering each question multiple times in multiple ways, playing back your response each time after you answer. Practice certainly makes perfect, and the more ways you can answer an interview question effectively, the more comfortable you’ll be when it’s the real deal.

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