I have been speaking with a lot of doctors lately who are becoming more impatient and frustrated with the current availability of jobs in their particular geographies.  My advice to these dentists is to be patient if you can afford to be otherwise it is time to look at opportunities that they may feel are not “ideal.”  As a whole, dentistry is short on doctors.  The ADA  states that we are retiring more dentist than are graduating dental school.  

Think outside the box.  Talk to everybody you can.  Even if someone cannot help you find a position in the exact location or practice type, they may be able to give you insight that will help.  Talk to other doctors, the dental societies, suppliers, dental recruiters, classmates, faculty, etc.  We are here to help, and advice is usually free.  Never pay someone to find you a job.  You pay brokers or transition companies to find practice buy-in/buy-out opportunities, but not associate positions.  

Options for job seekers when the going is tough:
  1. Part-time positions in multiple offices
  2. Locums tenens work. Be willing to travel and stay overnight in different areas in the state.
  3. Teach
  4. Community/public health clinics
  5. Federal Dental careers. Typically federal clinics only required that you have a license, not necessarily a license for the particular state.
  6. Volunteering in local clinics or public dental events.  These things help you keep up with your skills, and provide great networking opportunities.

Dental schools and residencies are letting out thousands of new dentists into the market right now.  Keep your options open. Competition for jobs is high, and you need to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.

Carl Guthrie is a Account Executive for ETS Dental.  ETS Dental is an excutive recruiting firm specializing in finding and placing dentists, dental specialists, and dental staff across the United States.  www.etsdental.com.
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