We interview thousands of dentists and dental office staff applicants each year, and we look through at least three times as many resumes.  Many have glaring red flags and some are so subtle that asking more questions or investigating is required.
Here is a list of job candidate red flags.

  • Didn’t submit a current resume. 
  • Will only discuss duties and responsibilities, not achievements. 
  • Does not provide relevant references upon request. 
  • Will not provide salary information. 
  • Has unrealistic salary expectations. 
  • Will not sign a consent to release background information. 
  • Is unrealistic about expectations for the next opportunity. 
  • Will not call back at designated times. 
  • ‘Disappears’ for a period of time. 
  • Is currently unemployed. 
  • Has been unemployed for long periods. 
  • Has made rapid job changes. 
  • Changes not just from job to job, but title to title, or industry to industry.
  • Gives no specifics on reasons for leaving. 
  • Suddenly wants to move far from an area that has been home for many years
  • Has a consistent reason for leaving – has a ‘pattern.’ 
  • Appears to make poor/illogical career moves. 
  • Has weak references. 
  • Has low educational qualifications as compared to the norm. 
  • Will only provide dates of employment in years. 
  • Becomes angry when asked a specific, legitimate question. 
  • Changes tone/presentation during the interview. 
  • Is hesitant to respond to your questions. 
  • Does not respond consistently to interview questions. 
  • Has no idea of his or her next career step. 
  • Suddenly brings up family/personal issues that would prevent accepting an offer. 
  • Resume shows no progressive growth or mobility. 
  • You feel you have to be ‘nice’ to candidate to get a response or to receive paperwork.
  • Once offer is made, keeps trying to negotiate more and more changes.

Let us know if you have any to add or comments.
Carl Guthrie is a Dental Recruiter with ETS Dental. He covers the Western U.S. Region. Carl can be reached at cguthrie@etsdental.com.

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