You may not get the chance to make a second impression if you don’t take the time to make a great first impression.

“His shirt was so wrinkled that it looked like he’d worn it the day before. He didn’t even bother to try and cover it up by putting a jacket over it. My thought was that if he couldn’t even take the time to impress me at our first meeting, what was he going to be like with our patients?”

“He was sloppy and unshaven. At first I thought he was a homeless person coming into the office.”

“She showed up in jeans, a wrinkled T-shirt, and dirty sneakers. I understand that she is a recent graduate but the least she could have done was ironed her T-shirt.”

These dentist candidates were NOT asked back for a second interview.
As a recent graduate or seasoned dentist, you have years of training and experience. So why not make sure to get the offer by backing up your clinical skill set and experience with a first impression that leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that you ARE the right candidate for the job.

Your attire and actions speak louder than words. Even if you don’t feel traditional business interview attire is necessary at the very least chose business casual clothing and be sure it neat, clean, and pressed.

Below are just a few links where you can refer to for proper interview attire.

Written by Rob Knezovich, Regional Account Executive/ Recruiter at ETS Dental. You can reach Rob at (540) 491-9117 or Find out more at

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