Reference checks are some of the most import calls to make when hiring new Dentists and staff. Here are six simple questions to use in your normal reference check conversations.

Question #1
“Describe how the candidate’s accomplishments, actions, and attitude benefited the company, group, and/or you as a manager?” 
This questions may give insight into the candidates ability to work for the good of the practice or just his/her self interests.

Question #2
“Why does the candidate want to change jobs?”
The reference‚Äôs answer will serve as a check if you are hearing the same kind of reasons from the candidate. Sometimes the answer will reveal a motivation the candidate isn’t consciously aware of but will respond to later in the placement process.

Question #3 
“In what areas did you review the candidates performance?” 
Production, patient load, quality of care, staff interaction, communication, etc.  
Question #4
“What motivates the candidate?”
Is it only money or is this candidate looking for a career opportunity that will increase his/her skill set and abilities.

Question #5
“How does the candidate show resistance to new ideas or policies?”
This can help you identify behaviors that indicate the candidate really is not going along with you even if they say they are in agreement. It will alert you early to probe to discover problems or concerns that you may not have otherwise recognized.

Question #6
“Has the candidate ever made a commitment he or she didn’t keep and if so why?”
This will help you evaluate the likelihood of the candidate following through on commitments made to you. 

Written by Carl Guthrie, Western Region Recruiter for ETS Dental, | | 540-591-9104

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