Supply and Demand
The dental industry is as beholden to this premise as any other consumer service. As a recruiter, I see this in action as I counsel dentists considering their job options. Oftentimes, the supply of doctors in an area is too great and the best decision is to relocate to an area with more demand. For every underworked dentist in downtown Raleigh there is a haggard practice owner in Fayetteville, Greensboro or any other “boro” or “berg” that is 30+ miles away form a major city.
For those considering relocating to take advantage of a better opportunity, there are many factors to consider. Here are a few key points to ponder as you make your plans.

Cost of living difference
Don’t want to live in a shoe box in order to afford to live in town? It will be tough to do in San Francisco and New York but you may be able to afford more than you have right now. Housing is not the only factor to consider, though. Relative cost of living includes basic price differences for a variety of goods and services that you will be using in your new digs. Here are two free calculators that will help you understand the difference in cost of living between areas:;

Salary Equivalence
Taking cost of living into account, how much will you need to make in order to maintain your current standard of living in your new hometown? Here is another useful calculator:

Moving Costs
The actual cost of moving has increased substantially over the past decade. This includes the cost to hire movers, ship possessions, rent storage space and gas up the rental truck. This site will help you determine how much cash you can expect to spend:

Home Sale
If you already own a house you will need to meet with a realtor to get an accurate home value and sale timeframe. In many cases, it will take you longer to sell your home than your new employer is willing to wait. If you are considering a move, you should talk to a realtor sooner rather than later. If you need to plan on paying two home payments simultaneously, you should know how much your dream house is going to cost you per month.
This site offers a breakdown:

Personal Impact
There are other factors to consider as well. Are you active in any local organizations? Are your kids going to resent your decision? Do your research. Being close to family, friends, and lots of activities is great, but it is hard to enjoy all of that if you are not in a position that offers you a fulfilling and stable career opportunity.

For more relocation planning tools, see our website at:

Posted by Morgan Pace, Senior Dentist Recruitment Consultant with ETS Dental. To find out more, call Morgan at (540) 491-9102 or email at

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