Here are a few helpful resources for graduating dental students, residents or dentist ending their military commission. For more up to date tips and helpful information follow up on our facebook fan page, twitter, or on our blog.

How much will I make: Data from 2009 Levin Group/Dental Economic Survey (.pdf)

Where do I look for a job: ETS Dental Position Search, job listing aggregator,, DentalTown Classifieds

What should I know going into my job search: Job seeker tips

Traditional Practice or Group Practice: Which is right for you?

Where do I want to live: Area reports and comparisons

How do I write a CV: CV writing tips or email for a link to ETS Dental’s CV wizard (beta).

What should a dentist cover letter contain: Cover letter sample, Writing a Cover letter

How should I prepare for an interview: Interview tips and questions and What hiring practices are looking for in a candidate

What should I look for in a dental contract: Questions to answer before accepting a job, Employment Contracts – What a New Dentist Should Know and considering an associate position leading to partnership.

Considering starting a practice

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