Being in the big city with all of your dental school friends in the midst of the high life is a big desire for a lot of Dentists, especially new graduates. However, the best opportunities might be right around the corner where you can have the job and lifestyle of your dreams. Living in the suburbs or surrounding areas has a lot of great perks!

    Some things to think about and research during your job search:

  • School Systems– Check out class sizes, graduation/test score ratings, & school programs. Schools really vary from one place to another, so compare your options.
  • Public Transportation– Sometimes bus or train transportation is available as an alternative to a long drive if you wish to live in the city and commute to a job in the surrounding area. Google Maps will calculate public transportation with details about specific stations and what line you would need to take that also include departure and arrival times.
  • Area Airports– Find out how far the closest regional or major airport is. Even in rural areas, you will find that there is usually an airport less than 30 minutes away. This is great for those that like to travel or want to be able to get back to friends and family on weekends or holidays.
  • Local Websites– Search for a local website for the area that you are considering. These sites are created to help you get acquainted with everything the area has to offer.
  • Oversaturation of Candidates in the City– Large cities have an abundance of qualified applicants. That means a more difficult job search, fewer choices and a potentially lower pay scale for you. On the other hand, opportunities in a more remote area may give you the job environment that you want, higher pay, or better job security.
  • Housing Costs– Typically, housing costs a lot more in the big city than it does in surrounding suburbs or remote areas. Relocating to one of these areas could give you a lot more bang for your buck.
  • Small City Perks– Small cities often boast attractive neighborhoods, low crime, and a substantially lower cost of living than metropolitan areas.
  • Live Where Everyone Else Vacations– Look at the outdoor activities that the bigger cities don’t have – hunting, fishing, skiing, boating, hiking. For instance, if you love to ski, there might be a great job opportunity that is just a few minutes from one of the best ski resorts in the state.
  • Another Reason To Be There– Do you have friends or family living nearby? Have you visited the area? You may have fond memories of a childhood vacation or the area may remind you of home.

You can live close enough to the city to enjoy all it has to offer but you won’t have the hassle of long daily commutes, higher prices, and a saturated job market with limited opportunities.

Wouldn’t you rather have the hours you spend commuting each day to enjoy more time with your family?

Think about the less tangible parts of a job offer before you make your final decisions. A great job in an area with a wonderful quality of life could be waiting!

Written by Marcia Patterson, Northeast Regional Recruiter for ETS Dental. You can reach Marcia at 540-491-9118 or

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