We decided to take an internal survey and look at some of the most common things we hear regarding associate dentist candidates and hiring practice owners in our searches. Whether we were looking at positions for General Dentists, Dental Specialists, or support staff, we all seem to be hearing or saying the same things:

  1. What message do we repeat to dental practice owners the most? The number one answer was the importance of feedback. Whether emphasizing how feedback will streamline the process of finding their next great associate or stressing how it keeps the interview process moving to reduce the risk of losing a great candidate, timely feedback is crucial to us being able to do the best job for you.
  2. What message do we repeat to associate dentist candidates the most? When asked about the other side of the process, there were three common responses. First, how can we make you, the candidate, stand out from the other candidates I am presenting to my client? Second, the need for realistic expectations, whether with regard to salary or comparing different opportunities, arises often as well. Last but not least, we constantly have to encourage candidates to look outside of major metro areas for work. Chances are, if you’re looking for a job in a major metro area, that area is already saturated, and you’re better off trying to check out an area at least an hour outside of that metro.
  3. What is the number one response from practice owners as to why a candidate does not get an interview? Lack of experience seems to be quite common. It seems like people of all walks of life run into the cycle of “how to get the job to get the experience if you can’t find a job to get the experience.” Find other ways to set yourself apart. Additionally, we get feedback from practice owners that a candidate didn’t show any interest in what the practice wanted, or they were selfish. In other cases, owners may not give an interview based on an assumption made by looking at a resume.
  4. What is the number one complaint we hear from practice owners today? Candidates are too worried about themselves, and they are not motivated to work hard to be successful. Practice owners give us all sorts of insights as to what they feel is lacking in a candidate pool they are interviewing. We hear a lot about how new graduates, especially, want things their way and don’t want to work hard to add value to the practice. This feedback shows up in everything from unrealistic salary expectations, unwillingness to work evenings or weekends, and even in the commitment they show the hiring doctors with responsiveness. Most of our client practices want a long-term addition to their office who understands the work that went into building a successful practice and wants to add value.
  5. What is the one way associate candidates who are great set themselves apart from candidates who are just “okay?” Attitude, people skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, professionalism…call it whatever you want, it’s PERSONALITY. As one of our recruiters put it best, “Skills can be taught. Personality cannot be taught.” Make sure that anytime you’re getting ready to start your next job search that you remember to put your best attitude in front of the potential employer.

Posted by Chante Smith

ETS Dental is a Dental Recruiting firm specializing in finding and placing General Dentists, Dental Specialists, and Dental Staff throughout the United States.www.etsdental.com

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