“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” For no other position is this more important than for your front desk. The person that manages your front desk often sets the tone for the entire office and, especially if it is a phone call, you may not get a second chance to “wow” that prospective patient.

So, what does a patient get when they call into your office? To find out, it probably would not hurt to give them a call. Have a family member or friend call the office. Ask them to evaluate the person to see if they come across as polite, helpful, and as a good listener. You might be surprised by the feedback you receive, and you need their brutal honesty.

We all know that the front desk can be like air traffic control, and the importance of this position is tremendous. Is he or she aware of the impact that they play on your office? Are they able to handle the multitude of tasks that can bombard them at any given time throughout the day? Can they do so with a smile on their face?

You work hard to retain your patients and get them to give you referral business. You want your patients to tell their spouses, family, friends, and coworkers that you are the best and that they need to go see you. This is your lifeline- the grapevine that keeps your practice growing. Make sure that you have the right person there to ensure that the level of care you give starts from that first moment of contact.

Posted by Tiffany Worstell, Dental Staff Recruiter at ETS Dental. You can reach Tiffany at (540) 491-9112 or tworstell@etsdental.com. To find out more, check us out at www.etsdental.com.

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